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Hello… We’re looking for a Digital Designer

Belonging at Profero

We create ‘ideas people belong to’ for some of the world’s leading brands.  Why? Because we believe one of the strongest human needs is the ‘desire to belong’. If people feel they belong to a brand they will dedicate more of their money, time and social currency to it.

A desire to understand ‘belonging’ is what drives us at Profero. We create ‘ideas people belong to’ using local insights, global human truths and a unique fusion of media, creative and technology, bringing people and brands together every day. In order for this to happen it is essential we recruit the best people and create the best possible working environment, so that everyone here wants to ‘belong’ to Profero.


You are likely to belong if…
        You’re curious about the world

You’re interested in what is happening – where ever it is happening; new technologies, different cultures and the out of the ordinary

        You're a self starter

You’re independent, determined; you love taking responsibility and problem solving

        You're optimistic

You look for the positives and your glass is always half full

        You value team effort

You’re proud of your craft, but you achieve the best resultswhen you work with others (plus it's more fun, right?)


So what is the opportunity?

Where is it?  Jakarta Supporting you -  Art Director


At Profero, creativity is essential to you succeeding as a designer – always thinking unconventionally, exploring new ideas, challenging the predictable, discovering inventive ways to communicate. Junior designers are responsible for supporting the creative teams and senior designers to come up with a visual aesthetic that matches the character and quality of work at Profero. It’s about exceeding client expectations by being smart, creative and collaborative every day.

The role will allow you to work on pitches and live briefs; exploring strategies, big ideas and intelligent executions along the way. In return, we need the standard of your work to be consistently high. The right candidate will have a forward-thinking portfolio containing ideas and designs, which demonstrate an awareness of consumer and technology trends and smart production techniques.

As a member of the creative department you will work closely with more experienced designers and creative teams. You will also have a working relationship our team of project managers, planners and technologists.

What skills will help you belong?

This position is of importance to Profero. You must maintain a premium design aesthetic that matches the character and quality of work here. We strive to produce ideas that ‘people want to belong to’, and appreciate the crucial role of design in achieving this aim. Responsibilities include:

       Sole responsibility for smaller design briefs and pieces of creative work

       Able to take direction and support more senior staff in the delivery of big projects

       Produce beautiful, well crafted, error-free design and typography

       Collaborate in a helpful and constructive way in a team setting

       Suggest ways of going beyond the brief, both conceptually and executionally

       Meet deadlines set by Project Managers (supported by your Creative or Design Director).

       Assist with sourcing images, photographers, illustrators, animators

       Take an active interest in all stages of the creative process

       Demonstrate versatility and the ability to juggle projects

       Work up detailed designs, and provide alternative solutions to one brief
Share innovations and creative examples you have encountered with your peers.

Professional requirements and qualifications?

Possess a good Degree in a Design or a New Media related field and 3 years experience working on digital creative, sites and Apps. Must have a strong portfolio or work for top brands.

Professional Expectations (remain consistent but can be localised)

  • Be on time for, and professional in, everything you do, be that meeting a client; delivering to timescales; actively participating, using the right tone; or protecting the client’s information/IP or Profero’s .
  • Be an excellent communicator and presenter in all forms (in-person, email,over the phone)
  • Complete Timesheets and Management Team status documentation in a timely manner
  • Proactively contribute to a positive team atmosphere and company culture, and generally be a role model for the junior members of the team

We’re keen to know if you and Profero belong together.

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