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Hello… We’re looking for a

Front-end Web Developer

Belonging at Profero

We create ‘ideas people belong to’ for some of the world’s leading brands.  Why? Because we believe one of the strongest human needs is the ‘desire to belong’. If people feel they belong to a brand they will dedicate more of their money, time and social currency to it.

A desire to understand ‘belonging’ is what drives us at Profero. We create ‘ideas people belong to’ using local insights, global human truths and a unique fusion of media, creative and technology, bringing people and brands together every day. In order for this to happen it is essential we recruit the best people and create the best possible working environment, so that everyone here wants to ‘belong’ to Profero.


You are likely to belong if…
        You’re curious about the world

You’re interested in what is happening – where ever it is happening; new technologies, different cultures and the out of the ordinary

        You're a self starter

You’re independent, determined; you love taking responsibility and problem solving

        You're optimistic

You look for the positives and your glass is always half full

        You value team effort

You’re proud of your craft, but you achieve the best resultswhen you work with others (plus it's more fun, right?)

So what is the opportunity?

Where is it? Jakarta Supporting you – Account  Director

We are looking for a full-time permanent Front-end developer to join Profero in Jakarta.

As a specialist front-end developer you will be expected to work closely with the UX & design teams to create compelling web experiences, matching the creative vision with the latest in usability and interaction design.

You will also be expected to work with web developers to produce clean, semantic HTML. We want our HTML to be W3C compliant and accessible (to a point). We want a clear separation between content, style and behaviour, great SEO, comprehensive analytics and a sprinkling of micro-formats (where appropriate).

The list below includes some of the topics we’d like to discuss with you in an interview:

         Responsive Web Design

         HTML5 and Javascript

         Media queries

         Mobile first

         HTML frameworks (Bootstrap, Boilerplate, ...)

         UX, Web Design

         People you admire in your field

What skills will help you belong?

         Desire to build bleeding edge web experiences

         Leading by example (we want to be the best)

         Educating and informing other team members

Professional Requirements & Qualifications

Must have:

         Encyclopaedic knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3

         Understanding and experience of Responsive Web Design and its limitations

         Deep understanding of motion graphics and responsive interfaces

         Deep understanding of grid systems

         Deep understanding of web design (typography, layouts, colours etc.)

         Strong JavaScript skills (inc. AJAX)

         Working knowledge of Google Analytics code snippets

         Working knowledge of open data formats (inc. Microformats,, and OpenGraph)

         Strong focus on shipping software and hitting dates

         Understanding of agile software practices - backlogs, sprints, standups, etc.

         Broad range of interests across web development (meetups, hackathons, blogging, tweeting, etc.)

Would be a bonus:

         Experience with CSS pre-processors like LESS or SASS

         Experience with CoffeeScript, Kaffeine

         Experience with mobile web development

         Experience with DVCS (Git or Mercurial)

         Experience in a dynamic web language (PHP, Ruby, Python)

         Understanding of MVC web frameworks (cakePHP, RoR, Django, ASP.NET MVC, Struts)

         Experience of working with Facebook apps & Open Graph

         Participation in open-source projects

Professional Expectations

         Be on time for, and professional in, everything you do, be that meeting a client; delivering to timescales; actively participating, using the right tone; or protecting the client’s information/IP or Profero’s .

         Be an excellent communicator and presenter in all forms (in-person, email,over the phone)

         Complete Timesheets and Management Team status documentation in a timely manner

         Proactively contribute to a positive team atmosphere and company culture, and generally be a role model for the junior members of the team

We’re keen to know if you and Profero belong together.

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