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Hello… We’re looking for a

Search & Analytics Manager
Belonging at Profero

We create ‘ideas people belong to’ for some of the world’s leading brands.  Why? Because we believe one of the strongest human needs is the ‘desire to belong’. If people feel they belong to a brand they will dedicate more of their money, time and social currency to it.

A desire to understand ‘belonging’ is what drives us at Profero. We create ‘ideas people belong to’ using local insights, global human truths and a unique fusion of media, creative and technology, bringing people and brands together every day. In order for this to happen it is essential we recruit the best people and create the best possible working environment, so that everyone here wants to ‘belong’ to Profero.


You are likely to belong if…
        You’re curious about the world

You’re interested in what is happening – where ever it is happening; new technologies, different cultures and the out of the ordinary

        You're a self starter

You’re independent, determined; you love taking responsibility and problem solving

        You're optimistic

You look for the positives and your glass is always half full

        You value team effort

You’re proud of your craft, but you achieve the best resultswhen you work with others (plus it's more fun, right?)

So what is the opportunity?

A Profero Search & Analytics Manager is responsible for

         Management of the application of traditional marketing analytics techniques (e.g. marketing mix modeling) to digital marketing data through 3rd party providers

         Management of attribution modeling projects through 3rd party providers

         Hands-on development of new analytics products for our clients

The role requires the day-to-day relationships between Profero and its analytics clients ensuring that all client activity is delivered on time, to budget, and to the highest possible standard of service.

Reporting into the Global Head of Data and Analytics, you will also develop short and long-term analytics strategies for our clients. You are expected to bring your own ideas and impact in growing our client relationships and improving our working practices in order to allow Profero to deliver the best solutions to our clients’ businesses and marketing challenges.

What skills will help you belong?

Search and Analytics

  • 3 years commercial experience of planning and running SEO, SEM and reporting on analytics in a commercial environment.
  • Must have a good degree and demonstrate successful search campaigns and strategies.
  • Knowing how to create and pitch Search strategies for our clients
  • Good ‘hands-on’ experience of performing marketing mix modeling projects for a variety of clients and industry verticals
  • Ability to manage the delivery of analytics projects (using 3rd party analytics providers where relevant) across the full life-cycle, from inception to completion
  • Passion for the application of traditional marketing analytics approaches to digital marketing data
  • Knowledge of algorithmic attribution modeling, and the ability to manage client projects in this area (via 3rd party providers)
  • Strong data management skills, comfort with relational databases, and data management applications / languages such as SQL and Access
  • Good experience with analytical tools such as R, SPSS and SAS
  • The ability to sell analytical and commercial ideas and concepts to non-technical audiences
  • To interpret client business issues and understand which analytical techniques should be applied to solve these issues
  • Capacity to innovate and think creatively with data
  • Comfortable explaining analytical outputs to non-specialist audiences
  • Be at the forefront of search and analytics knowledge, by keeping up to date with industry news and developments
  • Contribute in developing new products and ways of working that improve Profero’s analytics offering
  • Maintain a detailed understanding of the client business and digital marketing objectives
  • Help direct the client to understand the value of analytics and grow the role of analytics in their marketing programs and customer relationships
  • Understand all areas of Profero’s expertise and ensure your clients are knowledgeable of our full range of products and services
  • Continuously manage, monitor, and evolve service delivery and profitability, to enable us to fulfill our contracted promises to clients and ensure that we consistently deliver high quality service
  • Be a trusted, knowledgeable source of information and developments in marketing analytics

         Help in preparation for and attend sales pitches as required

Leadership & Management

  • Have presence, communicate with authority, be a person of authentic confidence
  • Lead all aspects of the day-to-day client relationship, project development and execution
  • Manage client demands and expectations to ensure Profero has the optimal time to deliver the highest quality of work
  • Provide consistent and effective support to other team members
  • Be an excellent leader of meetings ensuring a clear outcome, manage discussions and ensure action points are distributed within 24 hours
  • Be someone all internal teams and clients trust and respect

Innovation & Initiative

  • Work with an entrepreneurial spirit to identify revenue opportunities and generate ideas for your clients, within and outside of briefs
  • Inspire clients by demonstrating the capabilities of marketing analytics
  • Be a catalyst for idea sharing and cross-department collaboration to advance the way we work and the work we deliver for our clients
  • Work with an attitude of ‘it’s up to me to make it happen’

Client Relationships

  • Strengthen your client relationship whereby they seek and value your opinions and advice on their data and analytics requirements
  • Maintain positive relationships that reflect true partnership in achieving the objectives of the client’s business and the goals of the client
  • Maintain an understanding of your client’s pressures and internal demands to ensure Profero provides the right response at the right time in the right manner
  • Be reliable; be responsive; have integrity

Excellence in Client Service

  • Understand individual client needs (on specific projects and beyond) so you can help them be successful in their roles, and to their bosses; ensure clients have the necessary information and materials they need to do their jobs well
  • Continue to demonstrate a genuine interest in their business
  • Effectively set and manage client expectations
  • Positively represent Profero at all times

         Ensure that our delivery and insight are best in class

         Relevant external standards are understood and incorporated where appropriate

Professional Expectations

  • Be on time for, and professional in, everything you do, be that meeting a client; delivering to timescales; actively participating, using the right tone; or protecting the client’s information/IP or Profero’s .
  • Be an excellent communicator and presenter in all forms (in-person, email, over the phone)
  • Complete Timesheets and Management Team status documentation in a timely manner
  • Proactively contribute to a positive team atmosphere and company culture, and generally be a role model for the junior members of the team

We’re keen to know if you and Profero belong together

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