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  • STEP 1 : Identify the Job Site you want your Ad posted on, pick any additional sites

  • STEP 2 : Email us the Ad in Word Format or in the email message. or Submit your Job Posting
    Provide contact/billing information, send to

  • STEP 3 : We will email you an invoice
    Payment Terms are Net 30. Ad Rate is $125 per AD for 120 days listing.

    Pay online via Paypal or checks to be made payable to:

    Sastha.com, Inc.,
    131 Hall Place, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236, USA
    Email :Sastha.com, Inc.
    Questions - Call 313-882-3776

  • STEP 4 : Will notify you as soon as the Job is posted (typically within 12 hours).
    To make any changes or edit the ad, just email us the information.

  • STEP 5 : Jobseekers will contact you directly after viewing the Ad - through the contact email or website

  • Site Policies: Sastha.com, Inc. does not make any guarantees of filling the position in the JOB AD.
    Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds on ADS, once they have been posted.

Job Boards: For a complete list View all Niche Job Boards

weldingjobs.com welding, welder, cwi
chemistryjobs.com chemistry, chemical engineering
materialsjobs.com materials science, metallurgy,
polymer science, ceramics
physicsjobs.com physics, physicist
manufacturingjob.com manufacturing, production
geneticsjobs.com genetics, gene research
mathjob.com math, mathematics, computer science
minejobs.com mines, mining, metals
inspectionjob.com inspection, quality, inspector
journalismjob.com journalism, media, tv, radio
mechanicjob.com mechanics
meteorologyjob.com meterology, weather
automobilejob.com automotive, auto industry
fisheriesjob.com fisheries
journeymanjobs.com journeyman, mechanic
instrumentationjob.com instrumentation
mechanicaljob.com mechanical engineering
computersjobs.com computer science
foundryjobs.com foundry, casting
machiningjob.com machining, machinist
techsupportjob.com tech support
iejobs.com industrial engineering
caejobs.com cae, computer aided engineering
leatherjobs.com leather industry
petrochemicaljobs.com petrochemical
statisticsjob.com statistics
enggjobs.com engineering, engineer
refrigerationjob.com refrigeration, hvac
sciencesjobs.com science, sciences
electricianjob.com electrician, electrical, engineering
electronicsjob.com electronics, engineering
forestjob.com forestry, forest
airconditioningjobs.com hvac, air conditioning
roboticsjobs.com robotics, mechantronics
textilejob.com textiles, textile engineering
dairyjob.com dairy industry
hrmjobs.com human resources, hr, recruiter
sellingjobs.com sales, marketing
buyingjobs.com purchasing, supply chain, buyer
historyjobs.com history, arts
loanjobs.com loans, banking, mortgage
medicojobs.com medical, medico
aidejob.com home aide, nursing
medicarejobs.com medicare,billing
freelancerjob.com freelancer, freelance
communicationsjob.com communication
millwrightjobs.com millwrights, skill trades
pharmaceuticsjobs.com pharmaceutics, pharma
patentjobs.com patent attorney, lawyer
pharmacyjob.com pharmacy, pharma
tempsjobs.com temps, temporary
facultyjob.com education, teaching, faculty
physiotherapyjob.com physiotherapy, physical therapy
transportationjob.com transportation, logistics
brandingjobs.com branding, brand management
counselorjob.com counselor, college counselor
dentistryjob.com dentist, dentistry
museumjob.com museum, curator
sociologyjob.com sociology, sociologist
appliancejob.com appliance
socialnetworkjobs.com social network, media
voluntaryjobs.com volunteer, non profit
projectjobs.com project management
cheerleadingjobs.com cheerleading, coaching
hairstylingjobs.com hair stylist
contractorjob.com contractors
finjob.com finance, banking
dentalhygienejob.com dental hygienist
programjobs.com program management
cosmeticsjob.com cosmetics, fashion
entrepreneurjobs.com entrepreneur, franchise
underwritingjob.com underwriting, insurance
jewelryjob.com jewelry
appsjob.com apps, app development

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chemistry, chemical
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teaching, education
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inspection, quality
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electrician, electrical
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hvac, air conditioning
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sociology, psychology
join group
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physiotherapy, physical therapy
join group
history, liberal arts, politics
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genetics, bio
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home aide, nursing
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non profit, volunteer
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welding, welders
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metallurgy, polymer science
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electronics, instrumentation
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mathematics, computer science
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mechanic, millwright, journeyman
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robotics, ai
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meteorology, weather
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journalism, media
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mining, mines
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manufacturing, industrial
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fisheries, aquatic
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cosmetics, fashion
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